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Millbridge Site


  1. We have been made aware that due to the building on site, Millbridge may also be liable for business rates. We are not sure if we could secure an exemption or not. 
  2. Initial responses from members have been slightly more biased towards rejecting this option. The main points being lack of suitable parking and the maintenance liability of both the building and extensive trees/shrubs/greenery.


The proposed site which the committee suggest as “Best Option” is located at the former bowling green known as Millbridge.

Click here to view the site location on Google maps 

Positives are:

  • Site is fully enclosed and secure
  • Housing is sufficient distance away that we shouldn’t pose any risk of being a noise nuisance
  • The site has a pavilion, this has gas electric and water, heating and 2 toilets. The pavilion has security shutters on the doors and windows
  • The site had good disabled access except into the pavilion. (Although this would be very easy to rectify)
  • In front of the pavilion is a raised area which could serve as a rostrum.
  • The green has excellent drainage
  • Around the green is a tarmac walk way and bench seating
  • The area has shops and takeaways within a short walking distance.
  • There are two downstairs storage rooms, ideal for track markings and equipment 


Negatives are:

  • Parking is roadside only, equipment would need to be brought in to either the pavilion or your own pitting space (There may be a possibility to install permanent covered pitting track side.
  • Club member Steve Kirk lives locally and advises that he has concerns that the area is quite deprived. He voiced concerns for the vehicles whilst parked unattended streetside. click here for a link to the stats for the area.
  • The club would be liable for upkeep of everything inside the fence. This includes quite a lot of greenery which would need cutting back every few months.

Here are the photo’s we took when we viewed the green

Please note, if the majority of members wish to proceed with this or any other site, we need to formally apply to the council. We currently HAVE NOT been formally offered or guaranteed use of this site.