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Staincliffe Site

Updates: Many of our members visited site at the beginning of September.

  1. The visit was on a Sunday morning at the time we would typically meet. The park was reasonably quiet and there was no bowling activity.
  2. The visit was following many days of heavy rain, however the green was very well drained.
  3. Members at the site identified the possibility of clearing a pathway at the side of green No1 to allow direct access from the carpark to green No.2. It was also discussed that there is ample space to erect some permanent covered pitting benches in this area.
  4. Planning permission has been unofficially mentioned to a senior parks official. They were of the initial opinion that the adjoining housing was unlikely to have much of a valid objection to our proposed use of the site. The general theory being that if you buy a house next to a public park, you should expect to be exposed to the activity in that park.
  5. Additional photographs of the pavilion interior are now added below.



The proposed site which the committee suggest as “Secondary Option” is located at the former bowling green known as Staincliffe.

Click here to view the site location on Google maps 

Positives are:

  • Parking is excellent, there are marked bays and the gate could be closed and locked once everyone was in.
  • Site is fully fenced to a low level.
  • The site has a recently refurbished pavilion, of which we could have shared use with the bowlers. This has gas electric and water, heating and toilets.
  • The site had excellent disabled access including to the pavilion. 
  • The green has excellent drainage
  • The area has shops and takeaways within a short walking distance.
  • The local councillor is on the friends of Staincliffe committee and will fully support us moving there.
  • The club would again be liable for upkeep of everything inside the fence but there is very little beyond the track to worry about.


Negatives are:

  • Site is in a public park and the fencing is quite low level. It is possible persons could potentially access the track when we were offsite.
  • Housing is directly adjoining the track so we risk complaints  for creating noise nuisance
  • There is no facility to store equipment at present.
  • There is no area suitable to be a rostrum at present.
  • The local are is believed to be of a mixed status with some parts more desiarble than others. Click here for a link to the stats for the area.
  • The pavilion and parking are about 50m away from the area we would race on. (We would be allocated the second bowling green as the first which is closest to the pavilion & parking  is still in active use)
  • Other than the actual track area, all the other facilities would be shared with other users of the park (mainly the bowling club)

Here are the photo’s we took when we viewed the green

Please note, if the majority of members wish to proceed with this or any other site, we need to formally apply to the council. We currently HAVE NOT been formally offered or guaranteed use of this site.