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Race Calendar

We will now move indoors to MB Raceway for the 2021-2022 Winter Series.


Sat 16th October

Sat 20th November

Sat 18th December

Sat 15th January

Sat 19th February

Sat 19th March

Doors @09:30. Race Classes will be 2wd Mod & 2wd 13.5t (Blinky).

As in previous years, tyres will again be Schumacher Cactus on the rears, 1 set per meeting.

This will be a pre book series only and covid precautions will be in place. Full details and entry forms to follow shortly

2021- Outdoor Season.

Monday 30th August- Inaugural Meet at TCBC- 10am 2wd,4wd & Vintage

05-09-21 Club Day

26-09-21 Club Day